Body treatments

If you don’t have time or space, or if you can’t stick to doing sports, but you want to have a body of a model, this course will help you!

Fit Magic Plus from Japan is an ultra-low frequency galvanometer. Its micro-current treatment combined with Dr.Hand's electromagnetic field therapy and "painless fat grease gloves" is a new and efficient physical therapy method.

  • Improves sleep and nose allergy.

  • Improves joint problems such as adhesive capsulitis, tennis elbow and modern phubber problems.

  • Enhances metabolism and improves immunity

  • Purifies blood and activates tissue cells to regulate autonomic nerves

  • Effectively regulates the nervous system

Use a free test with Fit Magic Plus, which can measure calorie consumption and fat content, to better understand why you are too fat or too thin.

​ Before waxing Treatment Advice​

  • Please keep hair length at least 6mm or even longer

  • Please don't shave or trim before come for treatment

  • Please don't have suntanning within 24 hours before the treatment

  • Please don't wear lace underwear during the treatment day, wear

       cotton material underwear should be the best

​ After waxing Treatment Advice

To maintain smooth skin after your hair removal treatment, these following tips are advised

  • Exfoliate your waxed area after 4-5 days

  • Avoid heavy exercise directly after waxing

  • Avoid the sun and the solarium for 24 hours as you may burn easily

  • Avoid applying make up directly after a session

  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or the beach for 24 hours

  • Avoid deodorant for 24 hours ,powder can be used as a substitute

  • Avoid shaving between waxing as this interrupts the hair growth cycle

  • Avoid picking at ingrown hairs, it may cause scarring

  • Avoid excessively hot showers/baths,saunas,steam rooms for 24 hours

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes after your treatment as it may irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs

Brazillian Waxing Price List

1.Measures body fat percentage and up to 29 more

parameters in one minute

​After entering the age, height, and weight, guests only need to pick up the fat test stick. It immediately calculates your body fat content, your current daily metabolism, body type and tailor-made treatments that are most suitable for the guests.

 2.Passive static aerobic exercise

It is ideal for men or women who lack space, time and exercise. Unlike other lymphatic drainage machines, Fit Magic Plus effectively stimulates deep muscle contraction to achieve health and slimming effects.

​ 3.Squeezes away excess fat

There are 10 different slimming programs for different types of physique such as muscular obesity, edema, lower body edema, stubborn fat, etc. It breaks down the thick hard fat of the intestines without any pain and tightens the lines. Among them, MagicGlove + Fit Magic Plus' two-pronged approach can solve the problems of excess fat on the inner thighs and underarms, thick back muscles, etc., and it works after just one treatment.

​ 4. Face improvement, gloss, dark circles and improvement of eye bags

Body functionality directly reflects your appearance. Wrinkles can be increased due to facial muscle relaxation; eye bags may be due to poor kidney functionality; stagnation of blood circulation can cause dark circles; hormonal and liver detoxification problems can cause uneven skin tone and dark spots.

The effect can be achieved in just one treatment!! It can be seen in 30 minutes!

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