There are many benefits of waxing, but here are a few highlights that might surprise you. 
**Smoother skin
Whereas shaving leaves stubble, waxing exfoliates dead skin and removes hair from the root, leaving skin ultra-Smooth for weeks at a time.
**Long-term benefits
Waxing will last for weeks on end. Plus the more you wax, your hair will become thinner, softer and more sparse.
With a quick monthly visit required, waxing saves tons of time.


 BARELY BEAUTY offers a comprehensive array of waxing services that will leave you feeling smooth and sexy from head to toe .
**Back & Shoulders: Wax your shoulders, lower back, shoulder blades, or entire back
**Chest & Stomach: Clean up your chest, stomach, shoulders — or all of the above
**Underams: You don’t know what you’re missing until you feel the difference of smooth underarms. This treatment is especially popular with athletes and outdoorsy types
**Legs & Arms: While you’re at it, reveal silky-smooth skin from your fingers to your toes 



While waxing can remove larger areas of hair at a time, it is a temporary hair removal treatment and hair will typically grow back sometime between two and eight weeks. With consistent waxing treatment, hair regrowth will slow, soften and become less plentiful over time. 

Meanwhile, laser hair removal  offer a longer lasting hair removal solutions on targeted areas. LHR uses a certain wavelength of light to remove hair — it’s so effective that the average client will see between 75% and 100% hair reduction after just 6-8 LHR sessions.


Brazilian Waxing Prices

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