Selective painless hair removal from refrigeration technology is patented intense pulsed light laser pyrolysis principle, the use of hair follicle melanocytes to specific bands of light absorption makes hair follicles produce heat, thereby selectively destroy hair follicles, to avoid damage to surrounding tissue while achieve hair removal and skin tightening effect.

810 is a single-wavelength laser light, will not harm the skin tissue such as hemoglobin and other water molecules, so the effect is more effective than IPL hair removal, without damaging other organizations and will not burn the skin, reduce the appearance of anti-triad phenomenon, and effectively prevent pores pendulous, refrigeration painless hair removal technology has greatly facilitated the function and effect of hair removal, while improving skin.

Hair removal and skin tightening, double effect

Instant upgrade when heat removal, effectively promote the dermal layer of collagen and elastin fibers in the activity. Stimulate rapid cell proliferation, restructuring arrangement, the collapse of the deep colors, so as to achieve firming whitening effect.

Refrigeration painless hair removal technology benefits:

1.  Persistence: the effect of permanent hair removal
2.  No pain: freezing painless, clean treatment
3.  Times less: fewer courses, more reliable therapeutic effect
4.  Round: the treatment of diverse functions for a variety of different skin needs


1. Optimum wavelength, the effect of effective

    810 wavelength laser can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, acting on different parts and depth of the hair follicle, the hair quickly and thoroughly to remove any part of the body and depth

2. Really deep penetration of the basal layer of the hair follicle, eliminate pigmentation

Conventional laser hair removal, hair removal after causing skin pigmentation, skin inflammation, and laser hair removal function almost perfectly deeper penetration depth, through the epidermis, dermis, directly to the hair follicle growth base layer is not guaranteed regeneration!

3. Optimum pulse, not hurt the skin

The longer the hair removal effect is immature and coarse hair on the pulse of time and, more coarse hair required action time

4. Refrigeration technology, security painless

Since the treatment of head close to the skin cooling technology to effectively protect the skin from thermal injury and discomfort

5. Quickly and thoroughly

Through the dermis and dermis, direct the hair follicle, fine hair can be completely resolved. 

To improve efficiency and shorten time hair removal treatments, please note the following tips:

Preparation before laser hair removal, within 14 days:

  • Please apply at the treatment site moisturizers to keep skin lubricated.

  • Do not take any treatment acne medication, antibiotics or aspirin. Treatment of acne drugs will improve the skin's absorption ability, can easily lead to pigmentation, emerge stain.

  • Never try to plucking machine, wax, tweezers and other hair removal methods uprooted otherwise subject to two weeks, the hair re-grow before they can receive treatment.

  • Do not exposure, exposure sun lamps or bronze coated emulsion (Tanning lotion). Such as sunburn or too dry, the skin returns to normal state is subject to treatment can be carried out.

  • Day should be coated with sunscreen SPF30 or more, containing transparent zinc oxide (Zinc Oxide) component of sunscreen products.

1 Day before laser hair removal

  • Keep the treated area with a razor to shave the hairs, including pubic area and the labia majora & minora.

  • If any damage occurs after shaving, redness or discomfort upon treatment can be carried out after recovery.


  • Do not wear lace leggings treatment day came, cotton is best.

  • Such as the hair with a razor cut hair removal method does not affect the results.

  • If skin inflammation happens, you need to treat inflammation of the skin after laser treatment can be performed.

  • If the following health conditions - have cancer, erythematosus, psoriasis skin long-term health, darkening of the skin after exposure, measles, white etching, pregnancy, are not suitable for laser treatment.

Within one week after laser hair removal can not do:

  • Do not use abrasive products or antiperspirant.

  • Do not use hot water washing treatment site.

  • Do not do strenuous exercise, baked sauna, steam bath or practicing Bikram Yoga.

  • To avoid infection, do not swim to the pool or the beach, or soak spa.

  • Do not wear tight clothing or stockings, let dry and breathable treatment site.

  • Do not direct sunlight or sunlamps irradiation.

A week later continues to note:

  • Daytime activities should be coated with SPF 30 or higher sunscreen products.

  • Apply moisturizing cream or aloe vera gel to reduce swelling or reduce the risk of inflammation of hair follicles

  • In the case of either can not use any method of plucking the hair pulled out, so as not to affect the next course of treatment effect.

  • Do not use acid resistance, alcohol or irritating hair removal product contact position.

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