Laser Hair Removal


Removing hair AND tightening skin at the same time


By using patented intense pulsed light laser pyrolysis technology, the tuning of hair follicle melanocytes to specific bands of light absorption makes hair follicles produce heat, thereby selectively destroying hair follicles to avoid damage to surrounding tissue while achieving hair removal and skin tightening.

810 is a single-wavelength laser light which will not harm skin tissues. Unlike IPL hair removal, this will not harm your skin and reduces the appearance of anti-triad phenomenon. It also effectively prevents pores pendulous.

Refrigeration painless hair removal technology benefits

1.  Persistence: having the effect of permanent hair removal
2.  No pain: painless freezing, clean treatment
3.  Fewer treatments: More reliable therapeutic effect
4.  All-round treatment: Caters to many of the needs of your skin

​ Two weeks before treatment

  • Please apply moisturizers to treatment area to keep skin lubricated.

  • Do not take any acne medication, antibiotics or aspirin.

  • Never try to plucking machine, wax, tweezers and other hair removal methods uprooted otherwise subject to two weeks, the hair re-grow before they can receive treatment.

  • Do not expose treatment area to the sun

  • Use sunscreen of SPF30 or more, containing transparent zinc oxide (Zinc Oxide) component of sunscreen products.

​ 1 day before treatment

  • Shave the treatment area clean

  • If any damage, redness, or discomfort occurs to the treatment area occurs, it must heal before treatment commences.

​ Going to treatment

  • Do not wear lace leggings on the day of treatment, cotton is recommended.

  • Such as the hair with a razor cut hair removal method does not affect the results.

  • If skin inflammation occurs, you need to treat inflammation of the skin before laser treatment can be performed.

  • If the following health conditions - cancer, erythematosus, psoriasis skin long-term health, darkening of the skin after exposure, measles, white etching, pregnancy, are not suitable for laser treatment.

​ Within one week after treatment

  • Do not use abrasive products or antiperspirant.

  • Do not use hot water to wash the treatment area

  • Do not do strenuous exercise, baked sauna, steam bath or practicing Bikram Yoga.

  • To avoid infection, do not swim in the pool or the beach; do not do spa.

  • Do not wear tight clothing or stockings, and keep the treatment area breathable and dry.

  • Do irritate treatment with direct sunlight or sunlamps.

One week after treatment

  • Treatment area should be coated with SPF 30 or higher sunscreen products while performing daytime activities.

  • Apply moisturizing cream or aloe vera gel to reduce swelling or reduce the risk of inflammation of hair follicles on treatment area.

  • Do not pull out any hairs so as not to affect the next course of treatment effect.

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