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Einxel Plus Facial Treatment Benefits:

Einxel micro needle therapy innovation segment RF, micro needle in the epidermal open micro channel, after entry into the dermis by radio frequency energy, collagen and elastic fibers increased in concave holes, scars, wrinkles and lifting.

Collagen repair needle machine is the birth of the beauty industry as the most ideal to describe the heat transfer pipeline (FR) instrument, and will not be solidified or vaporized in the dermis. The instrument issued energy through the test, the skin elastic protein by bipolar radio frequency energy (1MHz) type, can promote cell production in the dermis. With this instrument can be decomposed into the skin bottom heat mode of RF energy, and this energy into heat pulse mode non-invasive, after a long time the research of RF energy in a short period of time is delivered to the cortex cells. In addition, the instrument of the needle after special treatment, the outer cover of the material is a special metal coating, this material through the skin test, can reduce the occurrence of skin allergies.

​ Notes After treatment

To maintain smooth skin after your hair removal treatment, these following tips are advised

  • Do not use any Peeling product within one week after treatment;

  • Do not make up after treatment In a Day;

  • Only use Hydrating lotion;

  • Do not expose under the sun and use sunscreen with SPF 30 or above;

  • Do not receive RF / IPL / LASER treatments within in one month

​ Notes Before treatment in 2 weeks​

  • Do not expose under the sun and apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or above

  • Do not receive RF / IPL/ LASER treatments within 2 week

BTL Protégé Elite was developed by BTL, a leading British medical device manufacturer, and has been certified by the US FDA that it effectively reduces wrinkles and wrinkles. It has the first safe and stable unique collagen regeneration technology (Collagen XP) which combines 120W unipolar radio frequency and ultrasound. It has been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles by 42% within 2 treatment sessions. Its unique metal conical hexagonal flat top keeps close contact with the skin during treatment. With smart electrode resistance, it can treat the face, neck, lips, hands, chest, and private parts. It is painless, anesthesia-free, and wound-free.

The latest U.S. medical research confirms that Collagen XP treatment made collagen and elastin in the entire dermal layer increased significantly. The chin contour (V line) can be lifted and tightened from chin to neck.

and also……

Wrinkles or Fine Lines -42%

Light damage -33%

Firmness +35%

Skin density +19%

Collagen +51%

Medical Treatment  Price List

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please follow our Instructions to maintain Good Treatment Results

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