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the most popular Collection

Intimate Care Expert

Most Suitable for Asian Ingrown Hairs

Beauty for me

Intimate Care Collection

With over 90% plant originated ingredients

woman red

Ultimate Care Woman Bright

tightening and brightening

Brazilian Mask

Intimate Care Expert

Barely Beauty

Provides expert treatments for those looking to be at their best even when they are most intimate and exposed.

Beauty is a bare essential at Barely Beauty – even when one is bare and naked. Apart from our signature hair removal, we also provide bust plumping, lifting, firming and lymphatic drainage services to make our clients feel beautiful and confident from inside out for not only yourself, but your partner!

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Created in 2014 based on the Moumou Waxing Studio
in Cheongdam-dong, South Korea.


As always, I'm very pleased with my waxing with Gaby. I've been a client of Gaby's for over six years I still remember when she first talked me into getting a Brazilian, she was right and I am so glad that I did, ever since I'm addicted to the very clean and hygienic feel.

Kitty Li

I have been coming to Barely Beauty for nearly 3 years and I will continue to do so! I love how professional and accommodating Gaby is. I come for bikini wax and she can do it really fast and thoroughly. It is easy to book and change appointments to fit my schedule.


A cozy little shop with very skillful therapist ... Been visiting since 2011, was intended to give a little surprise to my love one at first but then it became a personal hygienic habit!!!

Pierra Fung