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Barely Beauty was established in Yr.2009. During these 15 years, we have been committed to providing the most intimate and professional care for your private parts, so that you can discover your beauty from the inside out.

Intimate care not only keeps health of intimate parts of boys and girls to prevents inflammation or skin problems, but also beautifies your intimate parts. Barely Beauty started with private care, focusing on providing a "fast, professional and effective" experience for our clients. Our aim is to let our clients to show their bodies confidently and enjoy the appreciate of the others.


BARELY BEAUTY provides "health and beauty treatments" and "private care", facial/massage/waxing and laser hair removal services. The skin care series of Payot & Thago, a famous French brand, are used for traditional facial and body treatments, and high-energy beauty equipment certified by the US FDA & EU is used to ensure the quality of the beauty treatments. For private care, WaxXXX, the most famous waxing brand in Singapore, and Caron Lab, a professional brand that specializes in treating undergrowth hair in Australia, are used.

Signature Treatment private treatment [hair removal, virginal tightening, pink intimate] is effective, the company attaches great importance to service quality, and does not do streamlined service treatments, so you or your friends can be more assured to try the service.

Many people think that beauty/hair removal, etc. are exclusive treatments for women. However, with the advancing of the times, many men have higher and higher requirements for appearance. In view of this, Barely Beauty has established a new men's page-Barely Men in 2020, to develop male beauty/hair removal/body care projects.

Ladies' Page:

Men's page:

The chief beauty Gaby holds professional diplomas from I Tech, CIBTAC in the UK and CIDESCO in Switzerland, and a four-level qualification certification issued by the VTC in Hong Kong. Not only is she passionate about beauty work, she also actively participates in many industry events to speak up for the industry .

BARELY BEAUTY is also enthusiastic about charity, and has fully sponsored the [Pink High Heels Charity Run] for 5 consecutive years the fundraising activities sponsored by the Hong Kong Genetic Breast Cancer Family Database and the [Excellent Enterprise Internship Scholarship Program] sponsored by the VTC Vocational Training Council for 4 consecutive years to encourage students. Gaby believes that beauty, is inside out, but not only about our appearance or private parts. No matter how we looking good, being kind and upright person is truly beautiful.